Are we dating again?

Publisert 20. nov.. 2020


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  • I wont to see

  • Jack erika has to be a no dras ok post that video ok

  • Hi

  • Yo that beard look sick my dude keep ur good work up Man

  • You are the best. 🤩🥳🤯

  • شت شي يقهر بندريتا (المشتركين١٠) وذا ماشاءالله٢٠ عقبالك يا بندريتا

    • اي والله ١٠ مليون شي يقهر بس نعمه

  • Oddyid

  • This video is cringe the QnA part

  • The last video of jake I watched was in 2017 I thought he would change but........

  • Login wants to box his brother


  • He needs to shave he look bad

  • I only clicked to see the thumbnail girl

  • 18:20

  • UR MOM

  • 😎

  • Remember when he did vine and he was actually funny and people watched his vids

  • what is the song name in the video here?

  • 6:35 what am I witnessing......

  • BrAkEuP

  • 14:31

  • Je to úchyl!!!!!!

  • Superb fun myaan and editing peaks

  • heloo cdxx

  • Jake is the type of person to insult a perfectly nice teacher and think it's funny but everyone just hates him.

  • That girl could do way better

  • Who’s the chick tho?

  • It's an honour, i found a channel that surpasses everyone i ever followed. In the bad way. What is this sh*t ?

  • Фальшивка

  • This guy has some big balls....he hasn't disabled comments yet.

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  • 65fteythe like10000000000

  • We’re getting married again

  • We’re going to get married again

    • Am i cheating on her again ? (yes and here's why lmao)

  • So if every one on NOlong disliked this video, there would be 2.3B+ dislikes.

  • Nice

  • its been 5 years and i came back to check, what is this this

  • Hi

  • 25:50 thank me later

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  • Breakup spelling wrong bro. Maybe autocorrect.

  • Jake, your thumbnail is absolutely disgusting. That’s like borderline sexual harassment dude.

  • Hello , I’m is Russia in Vladivostok , me this like video)

  • 14:51

  • When the comments are spitting real facts.

  • Wtf is that thumbnail

  • Chleba

  • Look, these people doubting the Paul's, and trying to discredit their credibility in the boxing game, need to wake the fuck up. It's called American Boxing. For a reason. Because they're good at it. Americans are I mean. Yea, I'm sir people like Conor are as well, but let's be truthful to the sport. It's an American sport.

  • I love to watch you jake paul

  • 17:40 wtf?

  • The girl that got wrote on

  • Who is that girl

  • too bloody right are u a problem


  • There to big simps

  • His ex gf and ex “wife” shows their bodies for money, views and likes and dm someone doesn’t mean they like you

  • Why the thumbnail

  • Who’s Julia

  • Y????

  • 14:51 lol

  • who came here just because of the thumbnail?

  • Bruh Jake Paul stop showing nsfw and Make a video about play/stream minecraft

  • Ai your grofrens as es ceut

  • Love

  • Hi

  • I swear to god this make me pass out i laugh so harddedd😂

  • I have blaebades you wont win

  • how many times are u gunna use the no signal bleep

  • He’s a king

  • they whos makeing out first

  • Tbh pepole should stop tryna roast jake like he's a funny guy just because he boxes someone you like doesn't mean you gotta be annoying

    • I would Bet my house your no older than 9

  • The shirt is speaking for him !

  • Nice click bait

  • The thumb nail really pissed me off it just proves that he’s such a prick

    • So true dude stop woman labour

  • what this girls parent doing i wonder ?

  • This is so low! Something very wrong is happening in US.

  • Eewwwwwwwewwwwwwww jake

  • Very empty life...a lot like Dan blizerian

  • يا طلب يا كفار

  • 16:56

  • you neek

  • That thumbnail 🔥 how much did you pay her to take that pic

  • Rip shadow

  • W naszym środowiusku nie jest to dobrze odbierane.

  • Does anyone know her @

  • The only reason people subscribe to him with notifacations on is so when he uploads a new video, they can roast him

  • ahhh julia can't rap

  • I feel bad for his girls ass..

  • How does that end up with beauty

  • I feel Julia is super smart but dumbs herself for Jake's videos

  • man jake is so cool i wish i could be him one day

  • Jake pls shave your beard then I’ll re sub I miss the old Jake who agrees

  • I love your video Jake

  • 😂😂😂

  • Jake paul is the definition of white privilege

  • He thinks beyblade burst is beyblade Reals know beyblade metal is the real beyblade

  • Jake ppaul good

  • Daddy Danny

  • “It’s 8.6 on a good day” LOL