I Won’t Lose - Jake Paul Vs Nate Robinson (Episode 3)

Publisert 23. nov.. 2020
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I Won’t Lose gives viewers a look inside our lives during boxing camp as Nate and I train and prepare for battle on November 28th
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  • The song in the beginning goes hard.

  • Dude this jake

  • Jake cut you r beard and quit boxing

  • jake Paul ~😎😎😎

  • Who's here after jake beat ben askew?

  • Nate: I am a better basketball player than jake paul so I can beat him in a boxing match.

  • Who here after Ben😂

  • Jake Paul you’re cool with my sister watches I want you to😸👏🏼🤟🏼✌🏼🧓🏻

  • Jake Paul: Says that the haters fuel him (in a different video) Reality: His ego is gasoline for fuel

  • Whose here the day before Ben Askren fight

  • I heard humble about 100 times in this video

  • U R So slow

  • Y’all needa take Jake serious Ben askren I feel bad for you

  • Nate:i was taught to be humble before god humbles you Also Nate: he can’t be in the nfl the nvm or baseball but me I can do all those things God: humbles Nate at fight

  • you $exually aSSaulted justine

  • you $exually aSSaulted justine

  • you $exually aSSaulted justine

  • "Its going to be a WAKE Up call"

  • Jake really turned Nate into a meme

  • Why man just why?

  • JAKE********

  • Jake inbox me got a good idea for a video

  • All Nate did in his “camp” was play basketball punch bags and run no sparing

  • Nate didn’t even spar his whole “training”

  • Where you come from or how tough you've had it in your life has nothing to do with sports. and the fact little nate tried to bully him for having a decent child hood is ridicoulus and somewhat racist. But obviously Jake beat him up

  • i laughed out loud when he said "i'm a rapper" 😭😭😭😭😭😭

    • I thought I was the only one 😭😭

  • If u guys ever feel useless just remember jake Paul videos has a like button and a subscribe button

  • 1:14 imagine calling that a push up

  • Do you wanna know what NBA means to Nate ‘Never Boxing Again’ 🤣

  • where’s episode 4😑

    • this is it bro if you wanna watch more documentary new documentary will be released next month and old documentary is there in the channel vs anseson gib and deij documentary

  • You utter Mong

  • Hey J. P. your ride home after the fight,, 🚑.

  • i think both are good but i think jake is more dedicated to winning

  • When he only fights normal when he’s practiced

  • I’m 8

  • Why the fuck is this guy is famous??? He even box well

  • KSI - Can’t Lose(first) Jake Paul - I won’t lose (copy)

  • Shoot fight

  • God bless you, God cares for you and Has a plan for you whatever your going to though give it to God for he cares for you!

  • Nate robinson..softest man alive 😂 2nd to jake paul hahaha

  • I hope you won't lose. Imagine training boxing and losing to a basketball player.

    • He already knocked ou nate

    • bro he knocked nate out havent u seen the fight? it was brutal

  • It's funny how Nate said " you get hit in the face what happens you you gotta bounce back and swing " Jake hit him in the back of the neck and immediately fell to the ground

  • This dude thinks his a problem child I've been a problem child for 30 years old lol from sam from Birmingham in the UK 🇬🇧.

  • I swear ksi did I cant lose all you do is copy jake come up with something that YOU actually make

  • Jake is undefeated he will be the champ plz heart Jake lov your vids

    • I am fucking saying the fr

    • @copyninja150 I see 👀

    • Sikeeeee I only want him to heart my comment so I can show my best friend who loves Jake

    • 🧢

  • 3:47 this man predicted it

  • Now nate is the biggest meme 😁😂

  • We need more dislikes

  • Just imagine if the fight was on September 12

  • Sparr me get In some real work

  • Song ??

  • If u have guts have a match with Khabib. will fucking vanquish you.

  • I guess yo was right

  • Jake paul using NLE Choppa's music?

  • Matthew 3:2

  • Repent Jesus Christ is coming soon

  • Sorry Nate but I think Jake will have it u can’t really train and fight in a few months

  • wut the fuck jacky

  • Nikita Ababiy vs jake Paul

  • This dudes push ups are so trash

  • Where is the old jake Paul


  • Less than 100k views lol slowly getting less and less mate

  • Like he wasn’t lying

  • No he doesn't

  • 3:30 dcut called the fight 😂

  • Did he relly say they from the ghetto lol jake ain’t from the ghetto lol

  • The fact he got knocked out the FIRST round lmaoooo

    • 2nd round**

  • Im glad Jake is over the view thing

  • Jacke ur a joke

  • Mayweather gon knock u out fo sho

    • Wrong Paul brother pal 😂😂

  • ayy but i will give the boy credit for nle choppa shotta flow 5 song

  • GG

  • Jake hope he loses

  • I wanna see Greg Paul vs ksi doll

  • I wonder if Jake have to take drug tests before fights. I would pay to see the results . lol

  • You will lose

  • He couldn’t get 1m views this actually kind of sad

  • this video doesn't age well lol

  • Who else notice how Jane Paul his vids went family friendly to his vids now lmao

    • @zxīîīp big fax

    • @zxīîīp facts

    • The money changed him big time

  • nba vs wwe LOL XDDDDDDD

  • 1:01 *Everything together*

  • IM sorry childhood

  • Yo Nate kicked the ball and looked at it like he was finna beat it up

  • Now do a 1 on 1 basket ball contest with nate

  • mans literally got a Karma tattoo for himself. setting himself up on a date with the devil i see

    • Wtf does this have to do with devil

  • All I’m gonna say is rip Jake Paul when he fights KSI

    • U really think JJ gonna beat jake??🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️thats jist stupid unfortunately jj losing m😞😞

  • Let's go baby jake Paul is undefeated Let's go

  • who’s here after jake knocked nate out

  • Jake fight Ryan Garcia

  • I wanna see you fight the rock lol

  • I actually appreciate that his friends are doing the training with him so he won't be alone and he can stay focused as well that is incredibly awesome

  • Jake Paul: I won't lose against Nate Robinson. Me: (in a mumbling whisper) "Bizaardvark"

  • Dude did Nate even train. I just see him playing basketball 😂

  • I like new jake paul worried about himself

  • This guy Nate acting like he’s been boxing for 10 years yet never seen him spar guy doesn’t know boxing

    • Jake Paul’s: ‘Financial Freedom’ Lest we forget

  • Talking all dat but you got knocked tf out *BINK*

  • 3:50 my song😌

  • JAKE Knocked him out had to get him on a stretcher

  • Nate Robison you going down bro jake will beat you up boy

    • I’ll flight this clown for a dollar and be happy